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Buying Bamboo Sheets for the First Time?

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why choose bamboo bed sheets

When you're buying a new set of bed sheets, there are several factors that you should consider to ensure that you'll be satisfied with your purchase!

The following is an overview of that you should keep in mind when buying sheets.

Make sure you purchase the proper size of bed sheets! There are small variations. For instance, California king sized sheets are going to be different from king sheets and extra-long twin beds - which are commonly found in dorms - are several inches longer than typical twin sheets. There are many other variations, including California queen, bunk bed, grand king, expanded queen and super queen.

Thread Count
The sheets' thread count is related to the density of the weave. Sheets with a high thread count are made of slimmer threads. The thread count indicates how many threads are present in a square inch. The higher the thread count, the softer the bed sheets will be. Thread count also determines price. Bamboo sheets are measured differently than cotton bed sheets, since bamboo is a much finer yarn by nature than cotton it is measured 3 to 1 approx: So our 320 thread count bamboo sheets are equal to a 900-1000 thread count pima cotton sheet.

This is the optimum fabric construction for bamboo sheets, as any heavier the fabric begins to loose it's silkyness and tends to be heavy in weight, taking too long to dry.

Thread Ply
Consider the sheets' thread ply. This refers to how many strands comprise each thread in the fabric. Single-ply threads are one single thread; double-ply threads are two threads that are intertwined.

Notably, sheets with an 800 thread count could be comprised of 400 double-ply threads per square inch or 800 single-ply threads per square inch. The latter is the softer of the two options.

Double-ply sheets are a bit thicker, so these are ideal for the cold winter months, whereas single-ply sheets tend to be thinner.

Fiber Types
There are a number of different fiber types to consider. Each one has a unique feel and texture.

Combed Cotton Bed Sheets
Combed cotton is a soft, affordable fiber type. The "combed" bit refers to the manufacturing process, which entails combing the cotton to remove short fibers.

Pima Cotton Bed Sheets
The typical thread count is 200 to 300. Pima cotton sheets are known for their silky and soft texture. Pima refers to a type of cotton, grown in the U.S., Australia and Peru. "Supima" is a trademarked name for pima cotton that originates from an Arizona city of the same name.

Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets
Egyptian cotton sheets are very soft and smooth, with a typical thread count of 200 or more. In fact, many argue that Egyptian cotton sheets are the most luxurious. As the name suggests, the cotton is grown exclusively in Egypt, which is known for producing high-end cotton fibers and linens.

Percale Bed Sheets
The typical thread count is 180 to 200. Percale is made of cotton and polyster blend or 100% cotton. It's known for being quite soft and the polyester blend sheets typically stay free of wrinkles.

Flannel sheets are known for their thick, heavy and soft texture - perfect for a cold winter night! Flannel is made of a blend of different cotton types. Flannel is measured according to its weight per square yard rather than thread count. A high quality flannel has a weight of about four ounces per yard.

Silk Bed Sheets
Silk fiber sheets are the most expensive, sleek and luxurious sheets. Unlike most fabrics, silk is not measured by thread count; it's measured according to its literal weight, also called "momme weight." For example, 2 ounces per yard would equal a momme weight of 12.5. Sheets typically have a momme weight of 16 to 19, whereas garments generally have a lower momme weight, between 8 to 12.

Italian Linen is another high-end fabric used for sheets. Italian linen is manufactured using a special type of cotton that's grown only in Egypt. These tend to be very expensive, though the soft, smooth texture is said to be unparalleled.

Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bamboo sheets work best with a 250-320 thread count construction, they can be purchased in a thread count as low as 200 count, this is equal to 500-600 count cotton sheets so this is quite soft. For those pocket book consious bedding buyers, bamboo sheets blended with cotton might be the right choice.

Types of weaves used for bedding

The weave will dramatically impact the feel of the sheets. Weave refers to the pattern of the threads that comprise the fabric.

Plain Weave
The plain weave is the most common, with the same number of horizontal and vertical threads. A more expensive, softer variation of this weave is the percale plain weave.

Sateen Weave
The most expensive is the sateen weave, which is unique because it has more vertical threads than horizontal threads. The ratio is typically two-to-one. This tends to be the softest weave, though it's generally more apt to rip or pill. Sateen weave is made of natural fibers like cotton, but it must never be confused with silk.

This weave is known in the textile industry for being one of the softest weaves!

SleepBamboo sheets are made with a sateen weave, this is the softest weave for bed sheets.

Bamboo sheets are one of the newest, most popular sheet types and for good reason! Bamboo sheets are ideal for individuals who are prone to night sweats, as the super absorbent fibers wick away moisture so you remain dry and comfortable. In addition, bamboo sheets have natural anti-bacterial properties so any odor from sweating will be immediately neutralized (remember, it's bacteria that causes odor!)

Bamboo sheets also come in a wide range of vibrant colors, making them ideal for anyone who is seeking a splash of rich color! Bamboo sheets are known for their extremely absorbent qualities, and this applies to dyes as well, so they keep their color despite going through wash after wash.

What's more, bamboo sheets are also eco-friendly, as bamboo is, of course, completely organic and bamboo is among the fastest growing plants on the planet!

No matter what bed sheet you choose one thing is for sure, we all need a good night sleep here are some tips on how to get a good nights sleep

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