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Five Star Bedding & Bath Towels

From our cashmere silky-smooth, anti-microbial, thermal regulating  bamboo sheets  that will amaze you from the very first sleep.

To our plush heavy weight ultra soft and highly absorbent anti-mildew bamboo towels that will delight your skin everyday.
Must have bamboo pillows that sleep cooler, resist yellowing, repels odors and germs.

Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Our products have helped thousands of customers sleep better worldwide, they are used by world class spas and resorts and endorsed by perfume and cosmetics mogul Lise Watier.

Our products have been featured on the CBS network show THE TALK & reviewed by hundreds of Mommy bloggers on the internet.

deal-of-the-dayBamboo grows with NO fertilizers or chemicals and is a renewable resource. Switching to bamboo over cotton sheets will help the planet. 


Our first set of bamboo sheets!

Roger Van Parys Mesa, AZ United States
Just had our first night on our bamboo sheets. First thing we both noticed was how incredibly soft they feel. We have been using jersey fabric sheets for the last couple of years because of their softness. My wife doesn't like the feel of regular cotton sheets, any thread count. So we decided to give the bamboo sheets a try. So far they are a hit! Well see after a week if she wants to order another set or go back to the jersey sheets. I'm hoping she loves these!
Karen CapestroI Love Them!
I just wanted to share my utmost satisfaction with my recent receipt of bamboo sheets - I LOVE THEM! It will be hard to sleep on anything else now that I have experienced the total bamboo sheet experience. I never knew there would be such a difference - but now I look forward to going to bed each night so I can feel the comfort of these sheets. Just wanted to share my experience - thank you for an OUTSTANDING PRODUCT!!! Five thumbs up!